Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good website to use for backlinking. Others?

This website is really good for promoting all of your blogs and other work and it is also a revenue sharing site which is a bonus. If you are looking for a site to promote your work this is one site I recommend people check out. There is an application
process, however it took less than 4 hours to be approved in my experience. Anyone else like this site? Know any others you would like to share? Thanks for reading I hope to see you on SheToldMe, feel free to email me with any questions I always love to talk.


A 12 year old smarter than Einstein?

The first thing I see when I go to the Yahoo homepage this morning is a post about a 12 year old boy challenging Eintein's theories in quantam physics.
Link to the post: http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thelookout/20110329/ts_yblog_thelookout/for-12-year-old-astrophysics-prodigy-the-skys-the-limit

The post read that the boy has Asperger's which is a form of Autism. According to research some forms of Autism allow people with it to focus more on certain things and solely on them therefore allowing them to understand that particular topic very easily.
I think it was a great article and I wish the boy, Jacob Barnett, all the best. Who knows? We may have another Einstein on our hands.

Good long Fantasy book series. Your favorites?

Do you love to read fantasy books? Many people these days love to read the fantasy genre because it provides a reprieve from the day to day norm. For instance when I find a great series, when I finish it I feel a little bit like my new friends (from the book) are moving away and I'll never hear from them again. So lets take a look at which series are good choices to read, good and lengthy as well as really interesting.

When you think of long fiction/fantasy series there is a good chance that Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series comes to mind. It is a 13 book series with one more still to come. Robert Jordan died before finishing the last book, but he left enough notes on what he was going to write that a fantasy author friend of his (Brandon Sanderson) came in to finish for him. The "last" book ended up turning into 3 more large books. I would highly recommend this series although there were times that I felt like all I was reading was politics, politics, and more politics. If you can push through the more boring sections I certainly believe you will be impressed with this series.

Another good series I have read is by David Eddings. The Belgariad is a 5 book series, and then the Mallorean is also a 5 book sequel to the Belgariad. I was intrigued and turning pages non-stop in this series.

Currently I am reading the Malazan Book of the Fallen and am on book 5 of 10. So far this has been a great series too. Im really interested so far, but I am more interested in what other peopls favorite series are so I can look in to those next :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cable or Satellite: My experience

Are you considering which type of television provider you want to go with? Should you go with cable or satellite? Should you get HD Service? DVR Service? Lets go over some pros and cons from each type.
Currently I have the Comcast cable service available in my area, I just switched over from DISH Network actually. I got a tv/internet package ( Double Play) and also went with the DVR service. My first bill was $234. A little steep if you ask me, it cost a flat $99 when I had DISH put it and in no way can that much inflation have occured in one year that the cost of a hook-up has doubled. To be honest the cable guys did alot less work than the DISH guy up on my roof.

Anyway, I switched from satellite because I couldn't put up with shoddy reception in poor weather and I knew cable would solve that. One other reason to choose cable is if you have an apartment and have trouble getting the landlord to approve work to be done by a satellite provider such as attaching a dish to the apartment and drilling holes for wires, etc. With a cable provider as long as there is an existing port and there is no holes to be drilled for cables you can get a cable hookup without landlord permission.

Overall I would say cable is a better choice if you want uninterrupted watching even during storms. Both types offer HD and DVR Service, in my opinion both DISH Network and DirecTV have better DVR utility than any cable providers.

The HD services are great but only if you have the right tv, if you are paying the extra for HD then you should be watching awesome TV. If you dont have a tv with HDMI capabilities you obviously do not want this, if your tv doesnt have 1080p resolution I would avoid this as well. Also in my opinion HD TV looks so much better on a big screen.

The DVR services are great no matter what. I would recommend DVR service to anyone, you can record your shows while you are out, you can pause them for any reason and pick it right back up. I thouroughly enjoy my DVR Service.

Which do you chose? Whichever option suits your situation best, but remember if you arent going to be able to handle satellite interference in bad weather then I would suggest going to cable.

Amazon Kindle won't reset or come out of sleep mode?

I recently purchased an Amazon Kindle 3 with 3G and WiFi and immediately fell in love with it. I have always loved reading and the Kindle was a great purchase, the books are much cheaper than retail prices and I can read virtually anywhere. Traditional books get wear and tear and you constantly need two hands to read. With the Kindle reading requires only one hand and the push of a button changes the page.

The first Kindle I got was giving me some problems, it seemed to stay stuck in sleep mode and sometimes when turning the page it appeared as if it was having a hard time and the screen would go blank for a few seconds. It would also seem to randomly reset. Eventually one morning when I went to read while I had my morning coffee the page went blank for a few seconds and then these lines appeared going down and across the screen making reading impossible. Now if this happenes to you what you probably have is a factory defective kindle and it will need to be replaced. Amazon Kindle customer support is great and will send a new one before you even return the other on the understanding that if you damaged your original kindle yourself you will have to pay for the replacement as well. I had my new Kindle the next day as a matter of fact.

My replacement Kindle worked wonderfully for awhile and then it seemed to have that trouble coming out of sleep mode. This Kindle never had problems with page turning or resetting. Then one day I flipped the power switch and all I could see was a sleep mode picture of birds (I ended up really disliking those birds). I tried holding the switch for 15 seconds for a soft reset and still nothing. I plugged it into my computer and the screen didnt even go to the charging screen. So then I took the back off which seems difficult but you just have to really get in there with your fingernails. There is a small reset button near the bottom that I pressed thinking this would have to do the trick, a hard reset. The screen didn't change one bit, it didnt even flicker. Almost out of ideas I tried one more thing, I took the battery out. You need a small screwdriver to take it out but when I got it out the screen shut off completely. I put the battery back in and the Kindle turned on like nothing was wrong.

So, try taking the battery out and then putting it back in if all else fails before you decide you have to send it back. I think my problem with the second Kindle was that I didnt put it to sleep as soon as I was done reading by flicking the power switch and I let it go to sleep on its own. Im not sure if thats what caused it but I started always putting it to sleep after I had the problem and it has worked great for 6 months straight now.

Killer Whale eats Great White in 1997

A shark is the biggest, baddest predator in the ocean. Right?
The answer is no, although sharks are right near the top when it comes to apex ocean predators. In 1997 off the coast of California a group of people on a boat witnessed a truly spectacular sight, a killer whale eating a great white shark. Here is a link to the video taken by a passenger on the boat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8GaDuCvYbE 
According to National Geographic, killer whales may have sharks pinned when it comes to who eats who if it does come down to that. Both sharks and whales would much rather eat something just as tasty and less dangerous than each other I am sure. Whales being mammals breath differently than sharks which need constant water passing through their gills to break. The killer whale will grab the shark and "hold" it upside down inducing what is called tonic immobility. This prevents the shark from breathing and, if the whale doesn't kill it by then, in 15 minutes the shark could be dead from lack of oxygen.

In the 1997 incident a female killer whale killed a decent sized great white (9-12ft) and the witnesses reported that it appeared that the killer whale held the shark upside down to kill it. The female killer whale and another podmate then tore the great white apart to eat its liver and let the rest of the shark sink to the bottom.
There is a great documentary done on this by National Geographic called "The Whale that Ate Jaws"